Dasanni Speaks Wire Jewelry

Maarii L BEND Nose Ring Spring Collection (Handcrafted/Piercing Needed)

Metal Type:
Rose Gold Filled (Can Be Worn in the Water)
14KT Gold Filled (Can Be Worn in the Water)
.925 Sterling Silver
20g (Thinner)

This Dragonfly really needs no introduction but this design will make your current favorite nose ring be your 2nd fav now!

Maarii has its origins in the Germanic language. The name means 'resembling a dragonfly'.

This style only available in 20G for this style

SIZE: All L BEND NOSE STUDS HAVE A STANDARD WEARABLE LENTGH OF 6MM. If you need your post longer or shorter please leave what post length you would like in the special instructions at checkout OR you can email Customer Care at customercare@dasannispeaks.com 

L Bend Nose Studs are the perfect choice for newer, HEALED piercings because they are easier to insert.  They are also great for the person who likes to change their jewelry often or has trouble with getting nose hoops.


Since all my pierced are made out of precious metals you are able to wear this hoop as everyday nose jewelry. Which means you don't have to take them out when you shower because the gold WILL NOT flake off nor tarnish. With proper care your Dasanni Speaks Nose Jewelry will be gorgeous for 10 to 30 years. 

Facts About Gold Filled Jewelry– Dasanni Speaks Wire Jewelry


*All handcrafted pieces have a processing time of 14 to 30 BUSINESS days due to high demand and orders being made in the order they are received. 

Please be sure of your size before you order. There will be no refunds issued due to wrong diameter/gauge being chosen. As much as I want to be your favorite impulse buy, I would much rather have you be able to wear your jewelry safely and comfortably :)