Hey yall! My name is Aspen and I am married to my soulmate and have I 2 rambunctious boys. Dasanni Speaks was created from a place of pain. In April 2011 my mother Micehlle, "Dasanni", took her own life. I watched her struggle with mental illness her whole life but she was one of the most kindest, selfless women that you would ever meet and the fact that she felt like she wasn't needing in this world was surreal. The thing that hit me the most was at the time I was serving an 8 to 20 year sentence and due to the rules set forth by the prison I was not allowed to go to her funeral since it was out of town. I was crushed in every way possible but I knew that I had to do what I needed to do so I didn't lose another person while I was put away. Fast forward to years later and due to the circumstances in my life all the pain from losing my mother and my past before then started to flood in and it started to effect me mentally, emotionally and towards the end physically. It was a scary moment for me because I knew that if I didn't get help I would end up just like my mother. 

When I started my therapy they asked that general question they ask everyone, "What do you do to relieve stress?". I sat there and thought about it and I could think of things that I liked to do but never anything that made my mind turn off. Peace to me is when you feel safe and relaxed and stop fighting with my thoughts. What I didn't know is that that question would be the stepping stone to Dasanni Speaks Wire Jewelry. 

When I was younger my mom dabbled in jewelry making as a hobby and I used to help her from time to time and so I figured I would look into again and I stumbled across wire wrapping. I instantly fell in love with it and actually happened to be very well at it where people were telling me that I should sell it to other people. So I started the journey and this company emerged and has been such a blessing since. When I am wrapping jewelry I don't think about anything but manipulating the wire to form beautiful art. Not only that it was the first time in 9 years that I felt like I was near to my mom. The actual name Dasanni Speaks comes from my moms stage name as a Jazz Singer. She had a beautiful soulful voice to match her outer beauty and people use to compare her to the late Dorothy Dandridge. 

So as I embark on this journey I take money from part of your order and it goes to help support the mental health community. We are currently working with Parallels Mental Health in Lincoln, NE to pay off therapy bills that accrued during the pandemic. So because you purchase from me someone is able to go back to therapy and continue to get the help they need! Go you!

So, even though my mother isn't walking the earth anymore it doesn't mean that her story has to end....

Special Thanks to Electrical Enterprises of Roca, NE for providing part of the raw copper used to make the jewelry offered on this site.

Special shoutout to my husband for pushing me into my vision because he saw my potential and for the Lord for always sustaining us through every trial, tribulation and victory!

I look forward to creating for you and even if you can't support buy purchasing you can support by educating yourself about mental health and suicide. 


To ANYONE struggling with mental illness or suicidal thoughts know that you are not alone. They are people out there that want to help you. I urge you to find your passion. Because if it wasn't for that therapist asking me that one question then I wouldn't be where I am at today. Things aren't perfect but I'd rather know how to cope and actually cope than have a perfect life any day. 

Check out our Resource Page for help for yourself or someone you love. If you see the signs don't ignore them for you or anyone else!

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