How To Insert A Dasanni Speaks Nose Cuff

Inserting your Dasanni Speaks Nose Cuff is a very simple task and if inserted correctly your nose cuff should NOT fall out or move around. My Nose cuffs have been parasailing, skydiving and more and so with the right technique you will be able to have a secure fit. 

HERE IS A VIDEO OF @iamkaylabeauty giving you a visual on how to keep your nose cuffs in.

Make sure that you have clean hands and take your nose cuff and squeeze the very top of the cuff GENTLY until there is enough open space at the top to have a SMALL amount of resistance when you go to put it on. It shouldn't feel like you are forcing the nose cuff on but like I said it should not slip on easily.

The Nose Cuff should be able to hold on to your nose without falling off, like pictured below

Next, push the cuff up until the bottom of the cuff is sitting flush with your nose. For extra security you can give the bottom of the cuff a squeeze on your nose, but that is PERSONAL preference. 

If you still find that you have trouble keeping your nose cuff on please reach out at and someone from the DS Team will do their best to assist you more!