Facts About Gold Filled Jewelry

What does Gold Filled Mean?

Gold filled is jewelry composed of a solid layer of gold mechanically bonded to a base metal (usually sterling silver, brass or copper). Most high quality gold filled pieces have the same appearance as high carat gold, and can usually last for up to 10 to 15 years with daily wear and proper care.

Gold filled jewelry supplies are legally required to have at least 5% or 1/20 gold by weight and we are also legally required to mark each piece as its full name and never just “gold”.

At Dasanni Speaks I only use high quality gold filled wire from trusted suppliers here in the US and NEVER plated.


What is the difference between Gold Filled and Gold Plated?

As explained above gold filled is created by binding a permanent layer of REAL gold to a base metal core and has ton of industry standards. Gold plated is is created using a a process called electroplating and has no industry standards on how little you have to use. With gold plated jewelry the plating can rub off fairly quickly with daily wear and the climate.

Gold filled has 100x more gold than plated and although you may pay a high price it definitely it lasts longer and stands up to daily wear and tear better than gold plated.

I would steer clear of wearing gold plated jewelry for any body piercing. Since the plating rubs off quickly and there are no regulations on the gold or metal underneath you risk getting a rash if you have sensitive skin like me. 


Can I Shower With My Gold Filled Nose Jewelry In?

You absolutely can! There is no need to take your jewelry out but please be careful when you are washing around the area and make sure you are using mild shampoos and soaps. I do recommend you removing it in salt water or chlorine  

Does 14KT Gold Filled Tarnish?

Yes it can BUT it is very rare. Since the gold layer bonded to the brass core is pretty thick it takes some intense circumstances for your gold filled jewelry to tarnish. But if you are in chlorine or salt water a lot it will eventually tarnish the gold. It can be restored with a special cleaning agent but in my opinion it’s just easier to take it out before swimming but YOU can wear it in just plain old water every day and your jewelry will last for up to 30 years  


Will My Skin Turn Green If I Wear Gold Filled Jewelry?

Nope! There are some rare circumstances where you may notice black or green around your nose piercing or on your jewelry at all just simply wipe it down with a cloth or take your jewelry and wash it with soap and water and then lay it down to dry. And don’t worry about that the green and black comes from your natural bodies chemistry. Everyone’s body is different but they say only .001% of people will experience this.


Is Gold Filled Jewelry Safe To Wear?

Yes! 99.9% of people find that they have no skin sensitivity to gold jewelry. If you have SUPER sensitive skin please understand that your best options are niobium or titanium and if you need those metals please email my Customer Care Manager at customercare@dasannispeaks.com and they will get your inquiry over to me so we are able to discuss your best options.

I do only recommend wearing Gold Filled Jewelry in HEALED piercings only. If you just got your nose piercing please wait at least 6 weeks to change your piercing and even then you should be cautious. For me, I would wait at least 3 months and you can have your local piercer change your jewelry for you but just be aware that every place has their own policies and they may charge you a fee but it is better than potentially distorting the shape of your nose hoop or irritating your piercing which isn’t worth the hassle.  But also be aware that a piercer will recommend against putting anything but titanium or 316L SS in piercings as well as against seamless hoops so it is up to you to make an informed decision when purchasing handcrafted body jewelry from anyone. I want every single person to wear my jewelry but not at the expense of your safety so please reach out with any questions before purchasing if you have any reservations and I will let you know if my jewelry is safe for you or not.


Why Not Just Use Pure Gold?

Pure gold is just too soft of a metal to wear for body jewelry. There is no way to harden gold jewelry to help it keeps it shape and it also scratches very easy. And since it is a soft metal and contains alloys is runs the risk of irritation and reaction.


Will The Gold Eventually Flake Off?

NO. Remember that gold filled has a layer of gold that is BONDED and so no flaking will ever offer to your gold filled jewelry from Dasanni Speaks.


Is Rose Gold Filled The Same?

Yes! The only difference is color.