Common Questions About Seamless Nose Hoops

What is a Seamless Nose Hoop?

It’s a seamless ring with no clasp. The ends are twisted, not pulled, away from each other and then the ring is closed shut. Each end is rounded so that they perfectly align up. If worn properly your hoop should not hurt you. IF you struggle with keloids often then please reach out before your purchase a seamless nose hoop because if they aren’t inserted and closed correctly they can cause irritation. I do wear a seamless nose hoop almost everyday so if inserted correctly you should be able to wear it for daily wear comfortably.

What Are The Difference In Gauges?
Gauges can be kind of confusing but the higher the gauge the thinner the hoop and the lower the gauge the thicker. The typical gauge you get when you get your nose pierced is an 18g but people typically downsize to a 20g due to the limited options offered in 18g. I don’t recommend wearing any jewelry thinner than a 20g. You risk injury because the wire is so thin if pressure is applied correctly it can cut you. But gauge sizes are definitely a personal preference.

What Size Diameter Hoop Should I Get?
Paying attention to hoop diameter is important because you don’t want your nose hoop fitting too tight or too loose. The most common hoop diameters are 5/16 (8mm) or 3/8 (10mm). The size of your nose is not an accurate way to chose a nose hoop. How far your nose piercing was placed away from the tip of your nostril is what determines what diameter hoop you need. You can either measure a hoop your currently have with a ruler and count how many mm are inside of the hoop or measure how far your nose hole is from the tip of your nose. It definitely isn’t easy to measure but since I don’t offer refunds or exchanges on wrong size hoops it is definitely worth taking the time to measure. I also handcraft all the nose hoops down to the hoops the beads are wrapped around so I am able to offer 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 12mm hoop sizes.

Why Is There a Gap In My Nose Hoop?

A gap indicates that you pulled the nose hoop apart at some point instead of twisting the ends away. So if you think you may have problems please reach out or have someone help you.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Distort My Hoop?

First of it is not the end of the world (if you are like me, LOL) and you may be able to fix it but you have to patient and take your time. If you find that you distorted your hoop try twisting the ends until the ends start to align up again. If you aren’t sure what I mean please reach out and I will do my best to help you. But I do not offer refunds or exchanged for distorted hoops. I have made HUNDREDS of these hoops and I am very meticulous with aligning the ends before I send them out so I know if you pulled instead of twisted so let me help you before you give up or don’t wear your hoop.

Is It Normal For My Nose Hoop To Hurt After Inserting It?

You should only change your nose ring if your piercing is HEALED and there should be minimum pain when changing your jewelry. A healed piercing takes around 4 months to heal but I would wait AT LEAST until 6 months for any 14KT Gold Filled/Sterling Silver Filled.  I’ve had my nose pierced for almost 20 years now and wear my jewelry daily and it still hurts sometimes when I change it but never for a prolonged time.  If your nose hoops hurts for an extended amount of time it could mean that you have the wrong size hoop. If your nose hoop is too small it will hurt and it will be uncomfortable. Once again please reach out BEFORE you order if you need help or have any questions at You are responsible for choosing the correct size. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to each out to customercate@dasannispeaks.con and I or my Customer Care Manager will do our best to answer them.